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About Us

Garry & Teresa Not your typical smallholders, Garry and Teresa Cook came by their livestock in an unconventional way. Both were brought up in the country on farms, Teresa in Snape, Suffolk and Garry near Hexham, Northumberland. However neither went onto work on their respective farms, instead they both became chefs.

After Teresa went to work for Garry in his restaurant in 2003, in 2007 they then got together and took over management of the Crown Inn, Snape which came with 5 acres of land. They registered the land to have livestock on it and the rest is history as they say.

"What made us choose the animals we did, well the Large White Pig grew quickly and made great gammon and bacon. The Gloucestershire Old Spot for its flavour, crackling and sausages plus it was good to look at.

"Suffolk Sheep not just because we were in Suffolk and they are a brilliant meat sheep growing strong and well."

In 2009 Garry bought Teresa a weekend course in how to show pigs and now she shows her high class animals all over the country at the many county shows and to great success.