South Suffolk Show

10th May 2015

The South Suffolk Show was not as successful for us as we had hoped it might be, based on our performance in previous years.

Our Gloucestershire Old Spot Pigs managed to secure two second places in their respective categories and while we didn't do as well as we'd hoped we are still very proud their success and look forward to our next appearance at the show where we hope to resume our level of performance from previous years.

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Suffolk Show

27th & 28th May 2015

Much like our appearance at the South Suffolk Show earlier in the month, our Gloucestershire Old Spot Pigs didn't place as highly as we would have liked, only managing to take 3rd and 4th places in their respective categories. While we have managed better placings in previous years we are not too disheartened and instead will strive for a better result next year.

Our sheep faired a little than have previously though, our rams took 3rd and 5th places in their categories which we were very pleased with.

All in all it was a lovely day as always at the Suffolk Show and we look forward to returning next year.

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South Of England Show

11th,12th & 13th June 2015

This years South of England Show went very well for us and we did extremely well with our commercial pigs. All in all we took four 1st places including Breed Champion (Large White), Reserve Pig of the Year and Qualifier for the Yorlshire Show.

We were exceptionally pleased with the results and hope we can keep these up for the upcoming shows, the next being the upcoming Royal Norfolk Show. For more information on the South of England Show please visit -

Royal Norfolk Show

1st & 2nd July 2015

The extremely warm temperatures this made the show rather tough going for all involved and things were not made any easier by the fact that there were so many entries in the sheep classes that in all it took five and a half hours to show.

However despite these difficulties, we were rather pleased with how we did, despite not receiving a rosette in for any of our sheep (again due to the size of the classes) we faired rather better with our pigs. Our Gloucestershire Old Spot Sow Winny took a 1st place, as did our sow Dolly who went on to win best Female Gloucestershire Old Spot and then Breed Champion.

It wasn't just our girls who did us proud though as our January Boar Joe was also named best Gloucestershire Old Spot Male and Reserve Breed Champion Male.

For their performance Dolly and Joe have qualified for the Northern Championship for Gloucestershire Old Spots which is to be held at the Great Yorkshire Show.

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Yorkshire Show

14th, 15th & 16th July 2015

This year was a mixed result for us at the Yorkshire show. We received three 3rds for our Gloucestershire Old Spots which was a little disappointing for us and we felt we should have done better. However we received 5th in a class of 14 with one of our Large Whites, so we were much happier with that result.

Hopefully next year we will be able to return and we will get the results we hope for.

Wayland Show

2nd August 2015

We were very happy with our results at the Wayland Show. Winny our Gloucestershire Old Spot received Champion Coloured Pig and then went on to receive Reserve Supreme Champion of the Show. We also received a 1st for our Suffolk Ewe in the show which was also a pleasing outcome.

After a relatively disappointing result at the Yorkshire Show this result was much more to our liking and we look forward to an equally pleasing performance at future shows.

South Suffolk Show

8th May 2016

We were very pleased with our results at the South Suffolk Show with our pedigree Gloucester Old Spot, Millfields Princess, taking home Breed Champion at the show.

All in all a very pleasing result.

Nottinghamshire Show

13th & 14th May 2016

We had another successful showing at the Nottinghamshire show with our pig Millfields Princess. As with the South Suffolk show, she took home the Breed Champion award.

Another enjoyable show and another very gratefully received award, we can only hope Millfields Princess continues her run of success.

Hadleigh Show

21st May 2016

Another day, another show. This time we found ourselves in Hadleigh and instead of showing our pigs we were showing our Suffolk Sheep and more specifically lambs born during the lambing season this year.

The competition was tough and in the end we received 4th and 5th places for lambs born in 2016. While it would have been nice to have placed higher, we were still pleased with our results and enjoyed ourselves at another terrific show.

Suffolk Show

1st & 2nd June 2016

We were at the Suffolk Show again this year and showing Millfields Princess. With her recent run off success at other shows we were hoping for a similar result and she did not disappoint us.

Millfields Princess took not only Supreme Champion at the Suffolk Show and is the first Suffolk Breeder to take home the trophy. Her success has not only brought her this title, but has also qualified her for 'Pig of The Year' at the next Yorkshire Show.

The East Anglian Daily Times even wrote an article about the result. Follow the link below for the full article.

- Pig Princess Knocks Spots Off Show Rivals

We were exceptionally pleased with how things went and hope that Millfields Princess continues this run of success when we take her to the Yorkshire Show in just over a month's time.

South of England Show

9th, 10th, 11th June 2016

We found ourselves at the South of England Show with our sow Dolly, who took home 1st place in her category.

Another pleasing result and another lovely time at the show.

Royal Three Counties Show

17th, 18th, 19th June 2016

Our pig Millfields Princess 144 had a very pleasing show winning her class.

Royal Norfolk Show

29th & 30th June 2016

The Royal Norfolk Show was a mixed bag, unfortunately the pigs had a relatively disappointing show with only our boar winning Champion Male.

We were more sucessful however as our Suffolk Sheep won Reserve Champion Pair with our Ewe Lambs.

We would have like to have done better overall but look forward to showing again next year.

Great Yorkshire Show

12th, 13th, 14th July 2016

Very good show, not only in the breed classes but winning British Pig Association's pig of the year, with Millfields Princess 144.

Wayland Show

7th August 2016

A bit of a mixed result with our pigs again, one of them came 2nd in the Gilt class but otherwise slightly dissapointing results.

We did do well with the sheep however getting Best Ewe in Show and Best Shearling Ewe in Show.

Once again we had a lovely time at the show and look forward to taking part again next year.

Aylsham Show

29th August 2016

We had a very good day with our sheep, especially our rams. We received two 1sts, two 2nds and two 3rds and also getting best wool on hoof.

A pretty pleasing day overall.

English Winter Fair - Staffordshire Showground

19th & 20th November 2016

We had a very good show at the Winter Fair, we won Champion Traditional Bacon Pigs, Champion Traditional Pork Pig and 3rd overall in show.

All in all a very pleasing result.

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